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About NZ Debt . Net is a website which is independantly run to inform consumers about some of the finer points of debt in New Zealand.
The Author of the website was frustrated at the one sided / inadequate representation from what is promoted by organisations such as Citizens Advice (Who currently refuse to list names and contact details for professional Debt Management Companies- citing that Citizens advice do not promote / list professional services)

According to a web search on the CA website 07/11/2013 there are a number of professional organisations see Solicitors...

NZ Debt promotes ethical debt arrangements, and fair and responsible collection practices.
NZ Debt supports the instigation of a Fair Debt Collection Practices act similar to that which has been enacted in the USA (see [FDCPA] which has been in place since 1977.

It is a sad reflection of the priorities of the New Zealand government (the protectors of NZ Citizens) showing that NZ is 36+ years behind with this consumer protection legislation.